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The Therapist


MT# 117578 / MI# 3082

LIVE.LIFE.BETTER.  It's more than a slogan- it's my belief and the foundation of my mission here at K'Spa Massage & Wellness Center. We eat to feel better.  We work out to energize the body.  We get massages to restore the body and revive the mind.  Take the time time to treat your body to some rehabilitation or much-needed relaxation. Every massage session is individualized to meet your specific needs.  Whatever your activity level or age, don't ignore the aches and pains- let's address them together.  Start LIVING.LIFE.BETTER. today.


From early in my life I knew I had been blessed with a gift of touch.  When I became aware of this gift, I found it to be the most gratifying work.  Through touch, I have the opportunity to make people feel good, with healing taking place; which makes a change in their lives.


I graduated from the Alternative body Care School of Massage Therapy, in Waco, Texas, in April 2010; with over 5 years experience as a Professional Massage Therapist.  Later on I studied and trained with LMT Success Group to become an Certified Medical Massage Practitioner.  Once I felt the call in my spirit to teach I decide to go back to school to complete the necessary courses that were required. In June of 2015; I became a License Massage Therapist Instructor. 


I have become a Master(still room to grow and learn) of my craft, which I am so Thankful for!  With my natural gift of touch and genuine, easy, intuitive personality, you will get more than just a great massage.  You will have an amazing experience!


Your care and comfort is my top priority. I am committed with compassion to provide excellence and gracious service. I also offer exceptionally relaxing bodywork, which is paramount, while providing treatments that work! Importantly, I try to be as flexible as possible and schedule your session with a time and location that is best for you.

I am honored to provide you The Excellence You Deserve.

Knithra "K" Walker, L.M.T, M.M.P., M.T.I.

Licensed Massage Therapist, Medical Massage Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapy Instructor

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