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Our live massage workshops are fun, entertaining and a fantastic date idea for any couple – best of all, learning to massage is the gift that keeps on giving...


Learn how to massage each other - Your spouse, partner, boyfriend/girlfriend, family members or just friends in a unique individual training session with an experienced massage therapist.


The class is designed to help you and your partner share the relaxing, therapeutic benefits of massage with each other.  We’ll give you a complete series of massage techniques to follow to help build the perfect up the perfect at home massage session.

Workshop Cost

Each 2 ½ hour session will cost $150 per couple.


The class is held in a fully-equipped room and is limited to 5 couples so that your Instructor can grant you both his/her undivided attention.  We respect your privacy with modesty protecting practices throughout the class, which requires some minor disrobing, while keeping you fully-draped and minimally-exposed.

Private Sessions

Private Session Workshop Cost

Each 90 minute session will cost $120 per couple


For those that want a more personalized and/or private experience, we offer individual workshops for couples and individuals as well. These sessions can cover any of the content offered in group classes, serve as skill enhancement for what is learned in group classes, or help work with any specific area of focus beyond what is taught in group classes.

Once you PRE- REGISTER more information will be sent to you via email.

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